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Robotics for Plastics Manufacturing Papers

Plastic Welding Robotics
by Bennett Brumson
Take a look around and you will no doubt see plastic parts everywhere. Given the wide variety of plastic materials and processes used to produce these parts and weld them together, it should come as no surprise that manufacturers are increasingly incorporating highly flexible robots into their operations. 

RoboRouter™ - Pre-Designed Robotic Trimming Systems
Rimrock Automation
Rimrock's RoboRouter™ systems are predesigned specifically for routing, cutting, & trimming of composite or plastic parts. The RoboRouter™ system is ideal for medium to high volume part families. 

Is it Time for Plastics Manufacturers to Invest in 6-axis Robots?
by Bob Turner, Quadcom Ltd.
The versatility of multi-axis robots and the many processes in the plastics sector that are within their capabilities for a wide range of common tasks in the plastics sector, from high speed demolding right through to inspection and assembly.

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