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Tennessee Rand - Certified Robot Integrator

Tennessee RandTennessee Rand Interview

  1. Tell me a little bit about your company. When was the company founded and how many employees?
    Tennessee Rand was founded in 1980. We have 200 full time employees. In Jan. 2013, Tennessee Rand was acquired by Lincoln Electric. This acquisition will provide more opportunities for growth and provide additional resources and capacity to better serve our customers.

  2. What are the primary industries you serve? What markets do you serve – global or domestic?
    The industries that we serve are automotive, aerospace, military, power generation, heavy equipment, recreational vehicles, and nuclear.  As part of Lincoln Electric’s Advanced Automation Systems Group, Tennessee Rand serves the global robotics marketplace.

  3. What is your vision for the company?
    Our vision is to be the best full service automated systems provider available. We strive to provide total customer satisfaction and build products that exceed our customer’s expectations.

  4. Why did you decide to become RIA certified?
    We decided to become RIA certified to showcase our ability an expertise in the field of robotic integration. We have an expertise with multiple arms including Fanuc, Panasonic, Yaskawa Motoman, ABB, and Kuka. Our personnel are highly trained in tooling development for quality assurances and dimensional capabilities.

  5. Give an example of a challenging application your company developed.
    Motorcycle Fuel Tank Fabrication - Tennessee Rand designed and built a custom welding solution utilizing advanced robot software and controller functions to coordinate the moving and welding of a motorcycle fuel tank with (2) robots.  With the coordinate robots, the part/fixtures were able to be positioned in multiple angles for obtaining optimum welding position.  This provided the best scenario to achieve the cosmetic appearance. The cells were equipped with storage racks to accommodate various fuel tank fixtures. This provided the ability to weld any fuel tank on demand. The utilization of the cells were maximized. The customer could accommodate a volume increase without having to add additional capital.

  6. What are some of the best practices your company follows?
    At Tennessee Rand, we are dedicated to providing consistent, quality services to our customers. We utilize technology that maintains our competitive advantage and work diligently to ensure continuous improvement of all processes. At Tennessee Rand, our customers come first. We always honor commitments and always strive to innovate and improve what’s important to our customers.

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