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PAK/PAL Case Studies

Brewery is More Competitive with Robotic Packaging and Palletizing System
Medium-sized breweries can survive in a tightening market only with mature marketing concepts and unusual product ideas. The packaging industry, too, is being put more and more to the test by the segmentation of consumers into smaller target groups requiring varying forms and sizes of containers. As a result, an increasingly important role is being played by six-axis robots, which represent an efficient alternative to conventional technologies. With their short cycle times and their ability to handle objects gently, they can be used to optimize process sequences, and thanks to their flexibility they also represent an investment in the future. 

Easy Does It: Robotic Packing and Palletizing of Lightbulbs
A lightbulb manufacturer faced intense pressure to produce high-quality, reliable products while keeping consumer costs low. In this extremely competitive market, this manufacturer needed to maintain production uptime, improve reliability and minimize product damage.

To meet critical production goals, this company worked with FANUC Robotics North America, Inc. to choose a flexible, affordable robotic automation system.

Case Palletizing at SICO-MULCO, Quebec, Canada
by Mary Kay Morel, Staff Writer/Editor, Motoman Inc.
SICO Inc. manufactures and distributes trade, industrial, and specialty paints, varnishes, stains, coatings, caulkings and adhesives to Canada, Mexico, United States and Europe under a variety of brand names. SICO Inc.’s St-Hubert’s plant in St-Hubert, Quebec, Canada, recently implemented the company’s first robotic palletizing workcell to stack cases of various types of MULCO brand construction and household caulking onto two sizes of wooden pallets using six different palletizing patterns.

Handle With Care: Robotic System Packages Muffins
At Otis Spunkmeyer improper handling of muffins as they were being depanned from the oven was resulting in damage to the final product. The customer needed to improve handling quality while increasing handling speed.

Stäubli RX Robots Preparing the Euro!
In January 2002, the European Single Currency, the Euro, will be available to all. April 2001 marked the service introduction of a robot production line set up by GAPE-CEMES at Monnaie de Paris - the Paris Mint - for packaging boxes of Euro coins. Quite naturally, Stäubli robots found themselves a place in this work: strengths such as working amplitude, cycle time and programming language made all the difference.

SCARA Robot Equipped with an Integrated Vision System, Special End of Arm Vacuum Tooling and a Conveyor System Automates Packaging
submitted by EPSON Robots
Problem:  A major pharmaceutical company needed a fully automated packaging to load tablets into cavity blister packs. When packaged manually, unacceptably high scrap rates were common because of the tablets’ soft exterior finish.

New robots 'load' quality and 'unload' costs
Minco Manufacturing Case Study
With every one of the new robots that Minco Manufacturing has installed in its Colorado Springs plants, the company has improved product quality and kept costs down. Within a few months, the company will have 16 new Stäubli robots producing identically perfect fuser rollers for copy machines.

FANUC Palletizing System Reduces Labor Costs at Alto Dairy
Waupun, Wisconsin-based Alto Dairy faced significant costs related to strains and injuries suffered by workers required to palletize over 7,600 cases of cheese per eight hour shift. In addition, the repetitive manual palletizing job was boring and left workers overly tired and prone to absenteeism.

As a major producer of natural cheese, Alto Dairy required a cost-effective solution that would allow it to maintain an aggressive packaging schedule and reallocate its manual palletizing staff to less strenuous positions.

FANUC System Sorts and Palletizes Eight Different Products Simultaneously
Jefferson Smurfit Corporation, headquartered in St. Louis, Mo., is one of the nation’s most broadly based paper, paperboard and packaging companies. It is also the nation’s leading collector, marketer, recycler and exporter of waste paper.

A product line that consisted of a wide range of folding cartons kept employees at Jefferson Smurfit’s North Wales, Pa. plant loading pallets by hand. Since production requirements were so diverse, manual stacking seemed the only system flexible enough to handle the company’s requirements. While this method had worked for many years, plant manager Rick Huff realized that time, labor and energy could be saved by changing the stacking process.

Vacuum Gripper System Meets Increasing Demands for Handling Packages of Varying Shape and Size
PIAB and AIDCO - A Powerful Team for Unconventional Packaging
The use of robots for placing products in containers, transferring those containers between different stations in the packaging lines and palletizing them is becoming increasingly prevalent in all industries.

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