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Heinz-Dieter Schunk


Heinz-Dieter Schunk, Schunk GmbH(as per May 12, 2010)

*January 1942 Son of Friedrich Schunk and Helene Schunk
  Married to Katharina Schunk
  Two children: Henrik A. Schunk and Kristina I. Schunk

Entrepreneurial Milestones:

1964-  At the age of 22 years, Heinz-Dieter Schunk joins the company of his father Friedrich Schunk, which was founded in 1945 as a mechanical workshop in Lauffen (Neckar), Germany.

1966 - Creation of the first product line chuck jaws for lathe chucks

1978 - Creation of the product line hydraulic expansion toolholders

1982 - Creation of the product line gripping technology

1986 - Award of the Dr. Rudolf-Eberle-Prize – The innovation prize of the Federal State Baden-Württemberg

1989 - Foundation of the first subsidiaries in Belgium and Switzerland

1992 - Foundation of the subsidiary in the USA

1994 - Purchase of Hage Spannwerkzeuge GmbH in Mengen, Germany

2001 - Opening of the Automation manufacturing location in Brackenheim-Hausen

2005 - Building of the facility in China

2006 - Award of the economic medal of the Federal State Baden-Württemberg

2008 - Award of the German Machine Building Prize of the business journal “Produktion”

Activities in the Board of Managers and Advisory Boards

VDMA - Member of the main Board of Managers

Show Munich - Member of the Expert Advisory Committee

Department of Commerce Baden-Württemberg - Member of the economic committee

Federal State of Baden-Württemberg - Member of the innovation committee of Prime Minister Stefan Mappus

Kreissparkasse Heilbronn - Member of the administrative council

University of applied Science Heilbronn - Member of the Expert Advisory Committee “Production and Logistics”

Workshop of disabled people - Member of the Board of Trustees

Chamber of Commerce Heilbronn - Member of the Plenary Meeting

Advisory Committee of various companies

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