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Scott W. Deming


Scott W. Deming, Corning Inc.Scott W. Deming is currently an Engineering Associate and Director of the Advanced Machine Systems group within Advanced Engineering at Corning Incorporated. He has been with Corning for 34+ years and has held numerous positions within Corning’s Corporate Engineering organization. These positions have included Engineer/Sr.Engineer, Supervisor Design and Implementation, Project Engineer, Project Manager, Manager Automation Systems, Manager Micro Assembly Systems, Manager Advanced Mechanical Systems and Design, Engineering Associate and most recently Director. Since joining Corning in 1976 Scott has specialized in the areas of machine systems, robotics, automation and design. He was a charter member of Corning’s robotics and automation organization which was formed in 1985 and implemented many of the first robotic systems corporate wide within Corning. In 2003, Scott was appointed Engineering Associate which recognizes those individuals that have made significant, measurable and outstanding engineering contributions to Corning Incorporated, involving exemplary technical depth, breadth and leadership. Over the years Scott has worked with many of Corning’s divisions where he has successfully implemented innovative and sustainable high financial impact solutions into manufacturing. In his current position, Scott directs a diverse group of forty scientists, engineers and technicians who are responsible for developing first generation equipment, products and processes for Corning. His group works very closely with Corning’s Research and Development organization developing the next wave of revolutionary materials and products. Scott has been awarded two US and International patents with several patent applications in process.

Scott graduated with distinction from Alfred State College and Rochester Institute of Technology with degrees in Mechanical Engineering. Scott has served previously as a robotics instructor for RIT and as an industrial advisor for both Corning Community College and Alfred State College.

Scott’s family includes his wife Susan, his daughter Lindsay with granddaughter Juliet and sons Brian and Christopher.

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