Andrea Bertolaccini

Andrea Bertolaccini

Sales Manager - ROBOTICOM - Fabrica Machinale

Andrea Bertolaccini, graduated in mechanical engineering in 1990; 2 years after, I started in Electrolux as the R&D project manager among other designers. I followed the introduction of new Household appliances in an integrated product development group for Refrigeration.
In the following 16 years I had some further experience in the Swedish company, going through Quality, Fabrication, Advanced Development, Supply Chain. The last position covered was Supply Chain Director, following 9 factories in Europe (Refrigerators and Cooking household appliances).

My further step towards robotics was the experience as Technical Director in a small company that integrated Robots for metal joints and welding for 4 years.

In 2012 I moved to drive the Sales and Operations team in a company producing wooden panels as Sales and Operation Manager with an international set-up to support the company growth with facilities in Poland, Russia and Turkey.

My goal has always been to be very close to customers in order to understand the real needs and to provide them with the best technical solutions. For this reason, in 2014 I started in Roboticom-Fabrica Machinale as Sales Manager.

Year by year I increased my performances and in the last 3 years I focused on developing the network and establishing new partnerships, that made me achieve very good results in terms of sales.