G. A.

G. A. "Fritz" Carlson

President & CEO - Acme Manufacturing Company

Mr. G.A. “Fritz” Carlson III, is the President and CEO of Acme Manufacturing Company, a global leader in providing flexible robotic automation systems for grinding, polishing, buffing, and deburring. Mr. Carlson possesses a wealth of knowledge with over 36 years of industry experience. In 2016, he became the 4th generation owner from the Carlson family to guide the 109-year-old company. As President and CEO, Mr. Carlson is responsible for overseeing all company operations, including the development and implementation of the company’s strategic direction. Mr. Carlson’s latest and most prominent vision includes the establishment of Acme Manufacturing Company Singapore Pte. Ltd, located within the Seletar Aerospace Park, Singapore. “The core reason for Acme’s presence in Singapore is to create an active, hands-on approach for our customer’s needs, help to guide them through proper robotic applications, and share Acme’s proven technology and expertise with Singapore as well as other ASEAN countries,” states Mr. Carlson. Building substantial relationships along with numerous global partnerships, Fritz has enhanced Acme’s ability to penetrate domestic and overseas markets with cost-effective automated finishing solutions. 

As an innovative and revolutionary leader, Mr. Carlson is an active member in the Association of Manufacturing Technology (AMT), Robotics Industry Association (RIA), Knowledge Enterprises, Inc, Young President’s Organization - Gold (YPO), and an Authorized Systems Integrator with FANUC America Corporation. Mr. Carlson’s active involvement within the industry has contributed to the name he has built for himself as well as for Acme Manufacturing Company. He has been a distinguished speaker at numerous Machine Tool and Automation Conferences, speaking upon subjects varying from industry advancements, technology breakthroughs, and Acme’s success in exporting capital equipment. 

Along with Acme’s global imprint and market growth, in 2015, Acme was awarded the “E STAR” Award, which is the highest recognition any U.S. entity can receive for making a significant contribution to the expansion of U.S exports. As Mr. Carlson has stated, “Exporting continues to be the foundation of our sales growth, which enables us to sustain jobs and substantially expand our work force.” 

With Mr. Carlson’s longevity and commitment to integrating robotic automation he was recognized with the FANUC President’s Circle Award. This award honors individuals with long term commitments to robotic automation whose technical, sales and marketing contributions, along with industry leadership have resulted in record breaking sales and robotic industry growth  * Fritz can you insert a quote or stat on Acme’s growth or something similar *
Mr. Fritz Carlson, an avid golfer, holds an Executive M.B.A from the Advanced Management Program from Michigan State University as well as a Bachelor of Arts degree in Marketing from Michigan State University.