Autonomous Mobile Robot Conference

September 17, 2019

Galt House | Louisville, KY

Brandon Coats

Brandon Coats
Product Manager
Material Handling Systems

Executive-level engineer and program manager at Material Handling System in Louisville, KY. Over his career, Brandon has developed a strong foundation in first principle thinking, problem solving, product development, and engineering organization development. These foundations coupled with clear communication, team building, and collaboration skills have afforded him the opportunity to take on large business challenges with success. His experience has gone from implementing numerous designs as an individual contributor to leading large engineering and cross-functional teams on major business strategies.

Brandon has a clear focus on building and implementing minimum viable products and testing product feature sets according to leap of faith assumptions drawn from heavy customer focus and customer engagement. Both direct and indirect feedback are used to deliver according to actual customer need while pulling on experiences derived working on the front line in factories spread across more than one dozen countries. This agile methodology allows for rapid course correction and reduction of waste in the business development process while maximizing long term revenue streams.

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