Autonomous Mobile Robot Conference

September 17, 2019

Galt House | Louisville, KY


Autonomous Mobile Robot Conference 2019 Proceedings

Understanding the Basics of AMR Technology: What You Need to Know

Melonee Wise, Fetch Robotics

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Roadmaps and Roadblocks for AMRs in Logistics

Aaron Prather, FedEx

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Autonomous Mobile Robots in Diverse Work Settings

Denise Ebenhoech, Kuka

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Mobile Manipulation for the Real World - A Case Study for Robotic Unloading

Eric Harty, Honeywell Intelligrated

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Understanding the Difference Between AMRs and Mobile Manipulation Systems

John Cameron, IAM Robotics

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How Artificial Intelligence Will Increase the Performance and Capabilities for Autonomous Mobile Robots

Josh Cloer, MiR

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5 Things You Aren't Considering (But Should Be) For Your AMR Installation

Matthew Rendall, Otto Motors

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A Preview of the Upcoming Mobile Robot Safety Standard

Michael Gerstenberger, R15.08 Chair, Roboticist, X

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Advancements in Autonomous Mobile Manipulation

Norm Williams, OMRON

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Know Your Robots - What You Need To Know About Mobile Robots and Your Applications

Tony Melanson, Aethon

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Powering Autonomous Robots, Empowering Their Builders

Dave Ross, Brain Corp.
Botond Szatmáry, Brain Corp.

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