2018 Collaborative Robotics End User Applications Whitepaper

by Tanya M. Anandan
Contributing Editor, Robotic Industries Association

Humans and robots working safely together, side by side on the production floor, is no longer a mere concept. For many companies, collaborative robotics is now a strategy. Case studies are becoming the norm. From power and force limiting robots, to high-payload collaborative scenarios, and mobile robots, the applications are as varied as their modes of operation. Today, end users have many more options. For this study, RIA interviewed end users from a variety of industries. They address questions like:

  • What goals are end users trying to achieve with human-robot collaboration?
  • How are the different types of collaborative robotic systems used in applications?
  • What features of collaborative robots are most important to end users?
  • What are the benefits and current limitations of collaborative robotics?
  • How can end users prepare their workforce for interaction with collaborative robots?
Collaborative Robotics End User Applications

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