RIA Engelberger Robotics Leadership Award Selection Criteria and Process

Award Criteria, which may be enhanced upon review of the top candidates:

  1. Must have served for at least 10 years as a top officer (preferably president, CEO, founder or Chief Engineer in a globally recognized company or organization that has a proven track record of growth and/or sustainability. Companies or organizations may include:
    1. An OEM robot company
    2. An Integrator of robotic equipment
    3. A component supplier principally for use in/on/with robotics
    4. A software supplier principally for use in/on/with robotics
    5. A Department Chair or Dean of a University/College recognized as specializing in the application and development of robotic technologies.
    6. An organization that promotes education, development, etc. of robotics.
    Note: the above includes industrial, non-industrial, military, medical, personal service, and all other non-toy robot-related activities.

    Preferred Selection Criteria: A person who has demonstrated successful and recognized leadership in multiple roles and/or with multiple companies/organizations and countries.
  2. Must be recognized as active and a history of service in promoting the robotics industry beyond their role within their company. Examples include, but are not limited to:
    1. A leader of a consortium of robot-related experts promoting visibility, education, legislation, etc. (Ref: RIA, JARA, IFR, etc.).
    2. Author of books, white papers, presentations, etc. of robot-related topics successfully sold/presented on a broad basis.
    3. Recognized thought leader and/or mentor to many branches, markets, or segments of robotics technology.
  3. Sustainable record of innovation and invention leading to the creation of a new products, new applications, and/or new markets for robotics. May be measured in terms of patents, company growth or new company founding, proven/published accounts of growth or breaks into new markets and/or new markets for robotics.
  4. Must be nominated by people outside of their company/organization.
  5. Must be able to be further interviewed by the RIA Engelberger Leadership Award Selection Committee and/or RIA Staff. Interview questions to be developed based on clarifications, etc. of accomplishments, etc., and to obtain a feeling of their level of dedication to and sustainability in the industry as opposed to being a "one-hit wonder" and/or capitalizing on a circumstance.
  6. Must be able to travel to the award ceremony and participate in press conferences at the event where the award is presented.

Selection Process:

  • Selection committee reviews all nomination submissions and compiles a list of follow-up questions.
  • Selection Committee member interviews top candidates and obtains answers to the questions and submits via e-mail to Selection Committee. Data compiled confidentially by assigned RIA Staff under direction of RIA President.
  • Selection Committee votes for top three (3) nominees.
  • Top three (3) nominees are discussed by the Selection Committee Members during a conference call.
  • Final vote taken, final results confirmed by the Selection Committee
  • Selection Committee submits results of up to three (3) Final Nominees (In order of preference) to RIA Past Chairmen Committee for final, confidential vote. If there are fewer nominees or a clear choice, then the Selection Committee will only propose one (1) nominee.

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