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Defining The Industrial Robot Industry and All It Entails

What is industrial robotics? A simple definition is: a programmable, mechanical device used in place of a person to perform dangerous or repetitive tasks with a high degree of accuracy.

That simple definition however, opens up the huge world of robotics, from large, intricate systems to the small parts, cables, guarding, grippers, and components that make up these machines.

Robotics Online strives to bring that world into focus by providing not just information and resources, but software programming, training, and recommendations for the best companies to help you determine low cost solutions, design your system, or even provide retrofitting of used systems for your application.

Types of Industrial Robots

While industrial robots can be custom programmed to handle a variety of tasks and applications for many industries, there are really 5 main categories of industrial robotics. The tasks needing completion determines which type of robot is necessary.

Industrial robot categories include:

•    Cartesian robots
•    Gantry robots
•    SCARA robots
•    Articulated arm robots
•    Human-assist robots

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