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Collaborative Robots Whitepaper 2018 - Collaborative Robotics End User Applications

Collaborative Robots Whitepaper 2018 - Collaborative Robotics End User ApplicationsHumans and robots working safely together, side by side on the production floor, is no longer a mere concept. For many companies, collaborative robotics is now a strategy. Case studies are becoming the norm. From power and force limiting robots, to high-payload collaborative scenarios, and mobile robots, the applications are as varied as their modes of operation. Today, end users have many more options. For this study, RIA interviewed end users from a variety of industries. They address questions like:

  • What goals are end users trying to achieve with human-robot collaboration?
  • How are the different types of collaborative robotic systems used in applications?
  • What features of collaborative robots are most important to end users?
  • What are the benefits and current limitations of collaborative robotics?
  • How can end users prepare their workforce for interaction with collaborative robots?

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Collaborative Robots Whitepaper 2014 - End User Industry Insights

Collaborative Robots Whitepaper 2014 - End User Industry InsightsThe field of collaborative robots is currently the hottest area of interest within the robotics industry, and with good reason. The notion that humans can now work safely, side by side with a robot employee is both intriguing and groundbreaking. In this white paper, RIA set out to answer questions like:

  • Which industries are most conducive for collaborative robot operation?
  • What features are most important to end users of collaborative robots?
  • Will collaborative robots replace traditional industrial robots?
  • What are the motivations behind design decisions of collaborative robot manufacturers?
  • Are collaborative robots the right choice for my business?

To answer these questions, RIA interviewed decision makers at end user companies in a variety of industries including aerospace, automotive, electronics, life sciences, and plastics. In order to understand both sides of this industry, RIA also interviewed technical experts from leading robot manufacturers.

This two-pronged research approach has generated insights of interest to both end users and robot manufacturers alike.

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