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Only one North American trade association serves the robotics industry: Robotic Industries Association; and when you choose to do business with an RIA member, you are choosing a partner that you know has invested time and resources to stay informed and up-to-date on the latest trends and technology.

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What is a Supplier?
Robotics Online lists the industry's leading suppliers of robots and peripherals for your automation needs. Each one is a member of Robotic Industries Association, North America's only trade association dedicated solely to robotics, which means they are dedicated and serious about doing business in the robotics industry.

What is an Integrator?
Integrators listed on Robotics Online are experts in the design and build of robot systems. They are specialists in particular applications and can help you select the right equipment and determine the best system considerations to automate your process. They stay up-to-date on the latest trends through their RIA membership.

What is a Consultant?
RIA Consultant members are companies that know how to help a business succeed with their automation investment. They are part of an elite network of business people that can help you turn your robotics automation investment into a strategic edge in local and global business markets.

What is an Educator?
Some of these RIA members are educational institutions. Some specialize in R&D and industrial training. From government agencies to research labs and training facilities, this is where cutting edge work in robotics meets the needs of business for innovation in new technology.

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