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Custom Vision Software

Cloud 9 Perception, LP

Cloud 9 Perception is an industrial robotics company that specializes in an efficient mix of hardware and software. Our hardware uses specialized sensors that take in 2D and 3D visual data, which is then interpreted by our custom-tailored software. This allows for a powerful combination to streamline work flows and simplify complicated issues. 

Whether you've got a question, or a problem unlike any other. We're here to help. Our consulting services harness the power of a collective of experts in fields going back decades. Whether its nitty-gritty hardware/software issues that require a conversation with our application engineers or higher-level brainstorming, Cloud 9 Perception has you covered.

At Cloud 9 Perception, not only does our hardware have vision, but so does the company. We invest in forward-thinking technologies so that you'll always be one step ahead by using our products. By utilizing scalable hardware and software solutions, we can ensure that we grow along side the fast-paced technologies of the industry. Our software and hardware are heavily optimized to run fast and efficiently, making sure that vision isn't what's bottle-necking your process. Not only are our vision solutions high speed, but our turnaround time on developing your application is quick too! 



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