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Epson Integrated Solutions

EPSON Robots

Industrial Automation Solutions   |    Integrated Options for Epson Robots

Automation Solutions and Verticals

Epson Robots has been a leading supplier for more than 30 years to manufacturing shops throughout the world who need high-speed, high-precision assembly and material handling. We are committed to helping our customers resolve their manufacturing challenges by improving quality, increasing throughput, improving yields and helping companies improve their bottom line numbers through innovative solutions.

Integrated Options

Vision Guidance

For more than 10 years, Epson Vision Systems have been used to allow Epson Robots to see. Our vision guide software leads the industry in ease of use with a point-and-click development environment filled with high-performance vision tools.


Fieldbus I/O is used in factories worldwide to reduce setup time, cabling costs, and to promote standard device usage. There are many Fieldbus I/O standards, the most common being DeviceNet, Profibus, EtherNet/IP and CC-Link. The Epson Controllers support all four of these options.

Software Options

Epson provides integrated software options to help developers and users reduce the time it takes to build their systems. Powerful user interface tools such as GUI Builder, application-specific tools such as integrated force sensing, and connectivity tools like VB Guide allow control from Visual Basic, C#, or LabView, and many more options.

Expansion I/O

Epson Robots come standard with a variety of I/O. However, many applications require additional I/O for interfacing with peripheral workcell equipment like conveyors, grippers, and tooling. For this reason, we offer additional I/O boards that are easy to install and use.

Other Options

Epson has a variety of additional options such as Conveyor Tracking, Teach Pendants, Tool Adapters, Terminal Blocks and much more.



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