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Palletizing Solutions

Shape Process Automation (formerly Tech-Con Automation)

Your company needs a solution that is both highly efficient as well as affordable and our expertise in robotic palletizing handling provides a natural extension into modular, scalable, self-contained palletizing cells. Your palletizing project will see measurable results due to the following key benefits of our palletizing cells:

  • Reduces the need to custom-design every cell which reduces the delivery time
  • Reduces the cost by making it modular and scalable to fit most palletizing uses
  • Increased safety due to the reduction of heavy lifting and repetitive motion problems
  • Flexibility in terms of handling several different products, shapes, sizes and weights for one or more lines
  • Low maintenance requirements keeps your production downtime to a minimum

Tech-Con Automation offers a distinct advantage with our robotic palletizing system. It’s commonly known that one size may not fit all, which is also why there are additional elements that can be added to your self-contained palletizing system.



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