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Engineering Clever Ideas Into Amazing Products

Motivo Engineering

Motivo Engineering in an innovation engineering firm headquartered in California, USA and has executed numerous projects in mobility, aerospace and agtech. Motivo’s unique innovation framework and phased product development approach has reduced the risk in transformative product development for audacious visionaries. Motivo projects range from innovation and intellectual property development to low volume manufacturing of these transformative products. Several Motivo clients are now leveraging these technology solutions for additional future revenue through licensing or by selling these unique products.

Systems Engineering

  • Complete system architectures

  • Red team design reviews for clients and external teams

  • System level & component trade studies

  • System modelling & simulation

  • Technical specification creation

  • Product development road maps

Mechanical Design & Engineering

  • Computer Aided Design (CAD) & analysis

  • Kinematics design for mechanisms

  • Hydraulic & pneumatic system design

  • Thermal systems design

  • System level design

  • Complex electro-mechanical system reverse engineering

  • CAD & simulation tools (Solidworks Suite, Mathworks Suite, CATIA, Altair, SpaceClaim)

Electrical Design & Engineering

  • Complex custom-designed control hardware

  • Wiring harness schematics, design, & build

  • Low & high voltage power distribution design

  • Power electronics development

  • Custom Printed Circuit Board (PCB) design & assembly

Software Design & Engineering

  • Custom mobile applications

  • Web apps & backends

  • Websites

  • Hardware & software integration

  • Bluetooth enabled devices

Prototyping, Fabrication & Assembly

  • 3D printing (FDM, SLS, SLA, metal)

  • Mechanical assembly

  • Metal fabrication (welding, machining, CNC, sheet metal)

  • Electrical harness assembly

  • Printed Circuit Board (PCB) assembly

  • Composite manufacturing (carbon fiber, thermal plastics, injection molding)

  • Tooling & Facilities (surface plates, lifts, oversize item accessible)

Low Volume Production

  • Rapid production spool-up

  • High mix, low volume capabilities

  • Design for Manufacturing (DFM) optimization

  • Process optimization for transition to high volume

  • Quality inspection design/drawings

  • Supply chain optimization



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