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Waterjet Cutting Cell

Shape Process Automation (formerly Tech-Con Automation)

Floor Mount Pedistal

Considered one of the simplest and most cost effective cell configurations, this cell can support single, dual or even triple robots for your production. The cell is designed for future integration of dedicated cutting fixtures coupled with a vacuum cyclone assembly.

With a strong passion for industry safety standards, this cell was built by our Burlington Ontario location to provide your operators with easy access and it’s even ergonomically correct for their continuing comfort in your facility.

Overhead Gantry

As you may already be aware, in a high production environment, process flow and cycle time are critical factors. The robotic gantry waterjet cutting cell has the features and versatility to meet those demanding requirements.

The 4-post gantry is accessible from 3 of 4 sides, and can be combined with an upper mezzanine option so you can minimize your valuable foot print thereby maximizing the return on your investment. This configuration can accommodate between 1 and 4 robots overhead. When combined with a vacuum cyclone unit for part fixture clamping, manual load and unload is very quick and clean for your operators.



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