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Waterjet Cutting Technology

Shape Process Automation (formerly Tech-Con Automation)

Waterjet cutting technology involves the ultra-high pressurizing (30,000 to 87,000 psi) of tap water which is then passed through an orifice of .007 to .014” diameter. This stream, in close proximity to the cutting nozzle, can cut through virtually any material, without the use or creation of noxious gases, liquids or hazardous by-products. There are also no changes to the material properties on the cutting edges, as would be experienced in other processes such as laser or flame cutting. The addition of garnet to the water stream will provide you with the ability to cut hard materials such as metals, composites, stone & glass.

The added benefits to this process that you will notice are many; flexibility for redeployment, edge cut quality eliminating post processes, minimization of scrap with tight nesting of parts, minimal fixturing and operator safety.

You’ve probably already taken note that Waterjet cutting has become an almost unavoidable step in the manufacturing process of a large percentage of automotive components. From 2-dimensional flat stock to 3-dimensional molded components, metals to fabric and plastic composites, waterjet has proven to be an effective, efficient machine tool.

In order to make your transition into waterjet highly successful, you can depend on on our client references as well as our years of experience in 6-axis robotic waterjet cutting cell design, programming and integration.

Every cell is designed and configured to meet the specific production demands of each application, from single robot to multiple robot cells, complete with product fixturing and material handling. In addition, the after sales support service you will receive and spare parts supply, provide you with a ‘one-stop-shop’ for all your waterjet needs.



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