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Custom Applications

Dynalog, Inc.

Dynalog has assembled an experienced and award-winning team of specialists in the area of Robot Calibration and Robot Metrology, including the real-life application of this technology on our customer's factory floor.  Since the beginning, Dynalog's engineers and managers have focused on a single task: Analyzing and improving the accuracy and repeatability performance of industrial robots. From this basic idea, Dynalog has pioneered and enabled new applications where the highest levels of robot repeatability and accuracy are essential.  Some of these applications include:

  • Flexible Measurement Systems (FMS)
  • Robotic Net Form and Pierce
  • Robotic Drilling, Riveting and Trimming of Aerospace Components
  • Etc.

Dynalog is familiar with and capable of supporting applications using most any industrial robot from our extensive library of Robot Data and Controller Interfaces, contact Dynalog for a complete list.

In addition, Dynalog is continuously adapting our standard products to optimize the return on investment our customers achieve using Dynalog technology.  Dynalog has often customized our hardware and software to be highly integrated and automated depending upon a partucular customer's preference for certain components (OLP systems, Sensors, Measurement systems, Robots, etc.) or particular system configuration.

If you are interested in developing a precision robotic application, or if you would like to discuss the customization of dynalog products into your particular production configuration, contact the Dynalog facility in your region.




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