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Operational Support Services

Honeywell Intelligrated

Intelligrated offers Operational Support Services to help companies of all sizes maximize the return on investment provided by their operations and material handling solutions.

Intelligrated’s Operational Support Services assist clients in achieving operational efficiency through world-class customer service and a least-cost operating position within their warehousing, manufacturing, distribution and supply chain operations.

Intelligrated Operational Support Services engineers bring extensive experience across a variety of industries, including retail, consumer and industrial products, grocery, apparel, government, manufacturing, e-commerce, and heavy industries, and are uniquely positioned help client’s optimize their operations.

Through operational audits, these specialized engineers assess operational designs versus achieved metrics, troubleshoot operational challenges, and support continual evolvement of supply chain processes, practices, operations and systems. Results of Intelligrated operational audits help clients maximize the return on their operational assets, and improve overall customer satisfaction and competitive advantage.



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