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Robot Preventive Maintenance

ICR Services

ICR’s preventive maintenance plans include OEM recommended maintenance, plus ICR’s extended service. ICR’s core structure adheres to a standard of going beyond OEM specs.

Our programs automatically include:

  • Purging and replacing lubricants and all reducers, gear boxesbanner-2
  • Verify zero position mastering
  • Inspection of mechanical wear and damage
  • Controller and Robot batteries

Robot Controller Program:

  • Blow out/Vacuum Control cabinet
  • Clean and inspect ventilation/Fan unit
  • Clean and inspect transformer compartment
  • Replace Filter if applicable
  • Replace battery

Robot Manipulator Program:

  • Replace Axis Reducer / Gear Box grease per OEM specifications
  • Grease axis cross roller bearings / bushings / joint bearings Robot Field Service per OEM specifications
  • Check for defective seals and oil leaks
  • Replace battery pack

Additional Services included:

  • Wipe down Manipulator
  • Wipe down Cabinet
  • Inspect cables/connectors for damage
  • Reseat all internal and external cables
  • Clean teach pendant
  • Clean teach pendant cable
  • Tighten all internal connections



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