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Advanced Engineering Solutions

Applied Manufacturing Technologies


Our Advanced Engineering Solutions group specializes in solving manufacturing automation challenges. Our systematic approach to manufacturing automation provides our customers with quantifiable information for making sound technical and business decisions.

Our dedicated team provides expert support in the areas of Automation Consulting, Application Development, and Process Analysis.


We understand navigating the world of complex machinery and specialized automation can be challenging. AMT has developed solutions for each scenario outlined below.

Have you experienced failed automation projects in the past?

There are many things that contribute to failed automation – we’ll help you identify them, look at your situation anew, and determine a better path to your success.

Are you new to automation?

A startup company perhaps or a traditionally manual operation that has to consider automation for the first time? Industrial automation is a complex playing field and there are plenty of companies that will try and sell you their solution. Come to us first. We’ll help you sort through the noise and find your best solution (not theirs).

Are you trying to understand new, emerging technologies and see how they apply to you?

IIoT, Collaborative Robotics, etc.? Emerging technologies bring new opportunities for improving your business. Come talk to us and we’ll help you make sense of what’s new and how it might apply to your specific challenges.

Are you stuck in your current operation?

Many companies have been doing things the same way for so long that they eventually hit a wall and find it almost impossible to overcome. Automation may be a solution but you might find it difficult to imagine how to go about introducing that into your current operation. Come talk to us. Let us show you how we’ve helped other companies overcome similar roadblocks to improve their business for today’s market space.



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