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Data Collection


As part of our engineering services, MartinCSI is capable of providing a complete and customizable means of process analysis. Through data collection, based on inputs such as vision systems and barcode scanners, we are able to provide a detailed look into each step of our customers’ process to help with streamlining and efficiency.

A key aspect for many industries is the utilization of this data for Overall Equipment Effectiveness (OEE). We can help provide the necessary data collection needed to make the most out of our customers’ process and provide database recording and report generation and through networking can collect this data from multiple sources, if needed.

Utilization of industrial software such as Inductive Automation, with which MartinCSI is a certified integrator, through SQL server administration and OPC server configuration makes the process of data collection efficient and reliable. With our engineers’ level of experience, along with our explicit attention to detail, we are able to provide our customers with the tools they need for continued success and future growth.



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