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Project Methodology


Our projects track a proven method to make sure your project (once quoted) is finished on time and within budget. We pride ourselves on providing affordable, ethical, and essential solutions for your business. Our approach is end-user focused following your specifications and preferences so you are successful with your new machines from day one!


Our initial step is to meet with you to see where the opportunities lie for us to work together. We work with you through a discovery process that helps us to both define the work that will be done. We outline clear goals and responsibilities for all parties so everyone involved is on the same page from beginning to end. Once you give us the go-ahead, we are off and running.


With our method being end-user driven we take the time to make sure we understand, in detail, your needs for the finished product. Our detail oriented process allows us to understand not only WHAT you would like your machine to do, but HOW you would like it to be accomplished. As this phase comes to a close you will leave with a full understanding of what it will require in both time and labor to get the job done.

Development and Assembly

This is where the project really starts to take shape as we develop the software and hardware set-ups required for the final system. In this step we test and re-test to make sure each individual part is working as designed to assure success upon installation.

Quality Control and Testing

Once the software and hardware come together we initiate our highly detailed inspection to make sure your product is not only running, but is running correctly having passed our benchmarks for both functionality AND safety. We then run our Factory Acceptance Test with an individual who is authorized to accept or reject the final results. We take great pride in our documentation process. Therefor all of this will be thoroughly documented in detail and a copy delivered to you for future reference.

Integration and Final Acceptance

We work hand-in-hand with you and our suppliers on the remaining key points of completion:

  • Approval of integration/down-time schedule and plans
  • Connect and assimilate the control system and mechanical systems
  • Run our detailed evaluation of operation of full software and hardware
  • Training on correct system operation under new installation

Once the system is up and running, our evaluation is complete, and all documentation has been delivered, we will arrange your final approval of your project and you’re off and running.




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