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Machine Safety Audits

Machine Safety Specialists

Often, companies just need help to know what to do and how to provide proper machine guarding. It is often overwhelming to consider the obligations, requirements, and options that are present. MSS on-site safety audits assess the existing machine safety, make recommendations, and provide guidance on risk reduction methods (guards, interlocks, signs, training, etc.).

Each of our machine safety reports include the following:

  • Gap analysis of existing machine with current OSHA regulations, applicable US standards (ANSI & NFPA 79), and applicable corporate safety standards
  • Identification of machine, name, manufacturer, classification (machine type)
  • Photographs and notes for observed machine guarding safety hazards
  • Safeguarding (hazard abatement) recommendations and with illustrations or diagrams where feasible
  • Recommendations/Conclusions
  • Report provided in soft-copy PDF format. Each machine report is typically 1-2 sheets per machine.

MSS provides the following safety consulting and engineering services during the on-site visit:

  • On-site training, inspections, and consulting
  • Observation of machine operations
  • Notes, photos, videos of the machine in operation (when feasible).
  • Gap analysis of observed hazards as related to current OSHA regulations and applicable US standards
  • Report generation/compilation

In US machine safety standards, the following key concepts apply:

  • Control Reliability as defined in ANSI B11.19 and RIA 15.06
  • Risk Assessment methods in ANSI B11.0 and RIA 15.06
  • E-Stop function and circuits as defined in NFPA 79 and ANSI B11.19
  • OSHA general safety regulations as defined in OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Subpart O- Section 212
  • Power transmission, pinch and nip points as defined in OSHA 29 CFR 1910 Subpart O-Section 219
  • Electrical Safety as defined in NFPA 79 and ANSI B11.19.

Note:  OSHA is now citing for failure to meet ANSI B11.19 and NFPA 79.



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