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Custom Robotic Palletizing

Pearson Packaging Systems

Custom Robotic Palletization Capabilities

  • Slow to medium-speed case and row palletizers, high-speed full layer palletizers and depalletizers
  • Ability to meet stringent requirements of food-grade, sanitary, washdown, freezer, and high-humidity environments
  • Experience with a wide variety of pallet patterns including column-stacked, interlocked or pin-wheel configurations, mixed loads or variable pattern placement programming
  • Availability of low-level or high-level infeed options
  • Accurate sorting of cases from single infeed to multiple outfeeds using barcodes
  • Insertion of slip sheets and single- or multiple-tier sheets to steady the product on the pallet
  • Pallet handling using conveyors, transfer carts, and automated or autonomous guided vehicles
  • Safety guarding to include fencing, light curtains or area sensors
  • Application-specific, customized end-of-arm tools optimized to guarantee product quality and pallet stability with optional automatic tool-changeover
  • Four- to six-axes robots, selected to meet the specific application (speed, product weight and size)
  • Integration of stretch wrappers, pallet labelers and other third party OEM equipment
  • Easy to use Human Machine Interface supported by our proprietary User Centric Design including the ability to restrict access depending on authority level
  • Easy to use Pallet Configuration Tool to quickly create, modify, copy or clear recipes on the HMI or adjust parameters such as case or pallet height or pick/drop speeds
  • PackML standardized programming language to ease integration and servicing



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