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Aftermarket and Service

Pearson Packaging Systems

We want to be your single source supplier. A real partner – that simple! Through our comprehensive service offering, you are well positioned to select the right solution, meet your production goals and maintain optimal system performance.

Below find a list of aftermarket and technical services available: 

Commissioning Support - Seasoned technicians verify the equipment’s mechanical, electrical and safety functions as well as setup for proper case sizes. They perform test runs, fine tune as necessary and ensure operator and maintenance personnel are proficient with the machine’s operation and change-over process.

Training - Invest into the expertise of your own internal resources. Through customized, hands-on training, we expand and deepen the skills and knowledge of your operators, programmers and training staff and enable them to become more efficient at operating, maintaining and troubleshooting your systems.   

Technical Support - Always available when you need us – 24/7 live support. We also provide production run support, technical consulting, machine audits and safety inspections.

Remote Access - Opt for secure, remote connectivity for fast, efficient help without the expense of an onsite service technician. Increase response time and lower your maintenance cost.

Parts - Whether you need emergency parts, want to restock your spare part kits or require assistance with identifying a part, our team is only a call away. We maintain an inventory of quality-approved spare parts and consumables.

Preventative Maintenance - A holistic preventative maintenance program ensures that your equipment performs at its maximum potential and reduces the risk of unexpected downtime and major repairs.

Equipment Upgrades - Check with your Aftermarket Sales Manager for performance enhancing electrical or mechanical upgrades for your equipment. 

Custom Modifications - Depend on us for machine design changes and engineered solutions to accommodate case or bag size modifications, product or pack pattern changes, new pallet configurations, etc.

Machine Rebuilds - Return equipment to like-new operating condition. Increase production, optimize performance and extend the life of your equipment with in-field or factory rebuilds and reinstate your 1-year warranty.



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