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Finding Business Value at the Edge with Machine Vision AI for Industry

June 11, 2020

2PM - 3PM ET


This webinar will discuss how machine vision AI technology is being adopted to solve real-life industrial problems at the edge. Use cases will include a solution for a warehouse & logistics operation seeking greater accuracy and efficiency in its packing lines as well as object detection and situational awareness AI for worker safety in a tanker loading and unloading setting.  Featuring thought-leaders from Intel and ADLINK, attendees will learn how new technology is making it possible to quickly and easily get started and define business value with machine vision AI before scaling up to production-ready solutions using the very same technology. Both speakers will highlight how harnessing insight from vision data and AI can inform operational decision-making today, drive action and make an impact on the bottom line.

Key Take Aways:

  • Learn from real-life practical use cases of industrial machine vision AI at the edge
  • How harnessing insight from vision data and AI can drive business value
  • How getting started in machine vision AI is becoming quicker and easier than ever
  • How to scale up from getting started to implementing industrial scale solutions

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Image of Toby McClean

Toby McClean

VP, IoT Technology and Innovation, ADLINK Technology

Image of Aaron Tersteeg

Aaron Tersteeg

Edge Inference Sales Director, Intel Corporation

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