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The Revolution of Robotic Offline Programming

October 01, 2019

12PM - 1PM ET


Offline programming is revolutionizing how robots are programmed, allowing integrators to expand their product offerings into new markets and enabling manufacturers to automate what once was a manual process. Different than simulation software, a complete robot programming solution allows companies to create programs faster, easier and collision-free while keeping their robots running.

Attendees of this webinar will understand the differences between Emulators, Simulation Software, and Off-Line Programming Software (OLP). Additionally, attendees will learn the benefits of integrated robotic path creation and how this could help increase robotic programming capabilities.

Topic Areas Include: OLP, Path Creation, Robot specific paths for simple to complex geometry, Path based optimization tools for programming.

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Exclusive Sponsor:

Robotmaster (Hypertherm Inc.)

Robotmaster is the leading CAD/CAM-based offline robot programming software, which provides quick and easy programming tools for multiple applications, saving time and money while maximizing return on investment.

Robotmaster delivers an unmatched off-line programming capability for robots - easy programming of precise robot motion and quick generation of trajectories of any size, with minimal programmer intervention. Our strong background in CAD/CAM (Computer Aided Manufacturing) software has enabled us to bring a revolutionary approach to programming industrial robots.

Robotmaster software is ideally suited to program robots from simple to complex applications such as:

  • Cutting
  • Trimming
  • De-burring
  • Polishing/Sanding
  • Welding
  • Dispensing
  • Grinding
  • Spraying/Painting
  • Additive Manufacturing
  • 3D Machining
  • Etc.

  • While supporting most industrial robot brands.

    Image of Greg Culp

    Greg Culp

    Senior Software Sales Manager, Robotmaster (Hypertherm, Inc.)

    Greg Culp is a Mechanical Engineer from Temple University. He started his professional career in 1997 as a CAD/CAM Software Application Engineer. After 10 years working in CAD/CAM software sales and support, he transitioned into robotic offline programming software. Since 2007, Greg has dedicated his career to the evolving needs of robotic programming and collaborating with robot manufacturers and integrators for the greater adoption of robots in industrial manufacturing.

    Image of Cory A. John

    Cory A. John

    Software Sales Manager, Robotmaster (Hypertherm, Inc.)

    Cory A. John studied at the University of Minnesota and started his professional career in 2007. After spending 10 years working in CAD/CAM software sales and support, Cory transitioned into robotic offline programming software in 2017 when he joined Robotmaster Software team. Since then, he has been working with Robot Manufactures, Integrators, and Robot Programmers to help make robotic offline programming easier and attainable to the masses.

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